treatment philosophy


12 South Recovery’s mission is to restore balance to every area of your life - treating your mind, body and spirit, in order to recover from Substance Abuse and Mental Health disorders.

It is our primary goal to uncover the root cause of your addiction and assist you in finding your purpose.  We will put forth every effort to educate, strengthen and empower you on your path.  Our entire program revolves around setting and accomplishing goals in sobriety.


Our main focus is client care, as we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients.  Our experts will personalize a treatment plan to your own unique needs, giving you the best possible chance of success in sobriety. 

12 South Recovery offers therapists, counselors, coaches and support staff to provide you with an exceptional level of care. We work together to partner with you in order to develop and customize your personalized, ongoing treatment plan.


Evidence-based practice means the conscientious use of the best practices available.  These treatments are scientifically proven to produce positive results.  Choosing individual treatment activities combines individual clinical experience with the treatments, scientific studies on the efficacy of treatment and client expectations for treatment.  In short, an evidence-based approach constantly looks at new research and studies and re-evaluates practice based on findings.


As understandings of addiction and addiction recovery change, we constantly strive to bring best practices into our treatment protocol.  We recognize that not every treatment works for every person, so we use our resources carefully to gain access to all the latest treatments available. One of the main changes in the evidence base is a move from thinking about addiction as a genetic disorder to a brain disorder.  Certainly, genetics play some role in developing an addiction, but the bigger player, at least with regard to treatment, is the brain.  Our brain creates a process that is similar to a sort of feedback loop that develops so that the individual no longer has a choice about whether or not to use.  This is fundamentally the issue with addiction – the individual can no longer make the choice to stop using.  Because science has taught us how the brain works, we are able to use treatments and therapies that help us change both the chemistry and structure of the brain – so that a person can regain control of the brain and lead an addiction-free life.  Without the evidence base and ongoing scientific inquiry, we would never have made these breakthroughs or been able to treat addiction as effectively as we are able to today.


Here at 12 South Recovery, we know that you will be experiencing some of the most difficult moments of your life during the recovery process.  We have a client-centered philosophy in which our caring, diligent and non-judgmental team is attentive to your individual needs.  We strive to support and guide you during your recovery process to help you achieve your personal goals.