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Now that you recognize you or someone you love needs help, what are your options?  How do you choose a treatment program that is ethical and will give you or your loved one the best chance at success?  As you read through the treatment center websites, you’ll find that while every treatment center talks about what it can do for you, they say very little about their actual success rates.  Which program actually does what it says and isn’t just being untruthful to get you to come in?


12 South Recovery conducts a survey when our guests arrive during the intake process and again when they discharge from the program.  We have recorded the following results:

  1. On average a 40% decrease in their anxiety levels

  2. On average a 35% decrease in depression

  3. On average a 45% decrease in their cravings


We have recorded the following results while our guests are currently attending our program and after they discharge:

  1. Guests who gain employment while at 12 South Recovery: 85%

  2. Guests who enroll and graduate the program: 82%

  3. Guest who graduate the program and remain sober for 1 year: 87%

These are proven results backed by multiple guest testimonials.

12 South Recovery will put an end to your search for quality addiction treatment.  We are an elite, high-end treatment center that has proven results.