resource links

AA - Alcoholics Anonymous 

NA - Narcotics Anonymous 

Celebrate Recovery, Christian-focused twelve-step program for recovery from various behaviors 

Alanon and Alateen - Help for Friends and Families of Alcoholics 

Codependents Anonymous  CODA

GA - Gamblers Anonymous 

CA - Cocaine Anonymous 

HA - Heroin Anonymous 

ACA – Adult Children of Alcoholics  

CMA – Crystal Meth Anonymous  

xCo-Anon, for friends and family of addicts   

DA – Debtors Anonymous 

EA – Emotions Anonymous, for recovery from mental and emotional illness    

FA – Families Anonymous, for relatives and friends of addicts 

MA – Marijuana Anonymous    

OA – Overeaters Anonymous  

OLGA – Online Gamers Anonymous 

PA – Pills Anonymous, for recovery from prescription pill addiction. 

SA – Sexaholics Anonymous  

WA – Workaholics Anonymous