The Benefits of Pet-Friendly Treatment and Recovery

Pets really are man's best friend! Pets, whether a dog, cat or another creature, can provide us humans with many different benefits. Did you know that pets are known to help aid in positively uplifting humans during stressful times, mental health issues and more?

While many drug addiction treatment centers do not allow pets, 12 South Recovery is proud to welcome pets. These furry-friends can be extremely powerful in helping overcome addiction, as well as providing companionship, throughout the treatment and recovery process. What are some impactful, real ways pets can make a difference in drug addiction treatment? Keep reading, below, to find out.


Sometimes, addiction treatment and the process of recovery can feel a bit stressful initially. Pets — whether cats, dogs or other creatures — can provide a sense of calm in the bustling storm. We understand that addiction recovery can be challenging, and sometimes, having your furry-friend by your side can ease that. Pets are great for providing that comfort and calm nature that is needed when finding treatment and achieving recovery.


During stressful times, pets can be extremely helpful in uplifting and positively impacting anyone's mental health. A recent study interviewed people living with mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder or PTSD. During their research, the study found that those who had pets felt a deep sense of stability, continuity and purpose for their life, compared to the people that did not own a pet.

Having a pet can offer a soothing, loving companion in times when it may feel isolating. Pets can provide non-judgmental love, support and affection.


When fighting the battle against addiction, it can initially feel hard to focus on anything else but that. However, it is important to maintain normal social interactions in this time.. Pets provide an improved social connection with others. People may bond over the over their love for their pets or have a great conversation about being pet owners. Overall, pets can bring those in treatment and recovery to interact with others.


More often then not, those who struggle with drug addiction also struggle in keeping up with their responsibilities. They are often so caught up in feeding their addictions that they ignore family, work obligations, bills, etc. Sometimes, addictions can completely take over one’s life, causing a loss of homes, jobs and important relationships. When a person begins the process of recovering from an addiction, it can feel as though a million things are weighing on their shoulders. However, with each step toward recovery, small introductions can be made to help responsibilities be incorporated back into their lives.

Taking care of a pet is a great way to do that. Pets provide a sense of responsibility that also comes with fun, love and support. In the beginning stages of recovery, this can be incredibly beneficial to a person. Having this responsibility creates a sense of purpose, a sense of normalcy and shows the person that they are counted on. Oh, we love our furry-friends for this.


Staying active and healthy, in both treatment and recovery, is a strategic and important part of the process. As a person' bodies go through intense change — from no longer abusing substances and regulating out — proper exercise and fuel are needed. Luckily, having a pet can promote daily exercise. Owners can take their pet for a walk, or even a run, to stay active and find enjoyment from their pet.

Pets can be extremely beneficial in helping those who are going into addiction treatment. As we’ve seen, pets can be helpful in: positively impacting mental health, promoting responsibility, providing sense of calm, improving social connections, promoting exercise and more!

Do you or someone you know need addiction treatment? 12 South Recovery is a pet-friendly treatment program. For more information, give our caring team at 888-830-8374 today.