partial hospitalization

Patients often enter PHP after completing a Residential Program.  Partial Hospitalization is used as a step-down in the intensity of services provided. In many cases, a person may be admitted to PHP because they have found lower levels of care unsuccessful and need more intensive services. Staff in partial hospitalization program assess the patient and generates a treatment plan. 



Have you gone to residential treatment somewhere and found that after returning home, things are a little rockier than you’d like?  Did the aftercare plan you were given not measure up to your expectations and you’re afraid of relapse?  Are you coming back from a short relapse and in need of fine-tuning, but not a full residential treatment experience?  Did you enter a detox program, but your insurance will not cover residential treatment?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at 12 South Recovery may be for you..


12 South's Partial hospitalization Program offers the same dedicated treatment and professional staff that residential treatment offers. This means that individual, group, and/or family therapy sessions will still be a part of the treatment regimen, while also combining our Health + Wellness and Life Coaching. 


Areas of focus include:

  • Achieving and maintaining abstinence

  • Addressing the underlying reasons that compel substance abuse

  • Helping clients to develop a positive support network

  • Identifying psychological problems

  • Implementing new and positive behavioral and lifestyle changes

  • Improving coping strategies

  • Introducing structure and discipline in clients’ lives

  • Making participation in community-based support systems easier

  • Teaching new problem-solving skills





PHP/IOP is an Addiction Treatment and Dual Diagnosis (for co-occurring psychological disorders) Treatment Program that takes place at the 12 South Recovery campus, conducted with the 12 South Recovery staff, but the client does not stay overnight at the facility.  Individuals in the 12 South Recovery PHP/IOP program will meet at the campus daily to undergo a host of treatment activities which include weekly individual intensive therapy sessions, individual counseling sessions and small group therapy sessions




We at 12 South Recovery meet you at your current stage of recovery using the Stages of Change model.  Created by one of the world’s leading psychologists, the Stages of Change model allows us to walk with you hand in hand through the recovery process.  When obstacles develop, we can navigate through them together, helping to create optimal conditions for recovery.  As you work through the change process, you become ready to navigate life outside the treatment center - something we will help you do with courage and competency.