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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs

12 South Recovery’s Dual Diagnosis Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program offers step down levels of care beginning with Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), followed by Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and then Outpatient Programming (OP).  Each phase is structured according to the needs of the individual and allows for a slight reduction in structure each time, with a gradual acclimation back to life and society, while still maintaining a strong focus on recovery.

The adventure program is experiential therapy. White-water raft down a river, kayak on the ocean, camp in the desert, or zip-line through the forest. Experience therapy while in nature, build lasting friendships, and discover a natural high at 12 South Recovery.

Holistic therapies are carefully selected to meet the needs of clients in recovery. 12 South Recovery isn't limited to the office or talk-therapy. We integrate yoga, massage, acupuncture, gym facilities, art therapy, into recovery.  We focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit.

12 South Recovery has partnered with Bella Speranza Sober Living LLC to offer pet friendly living options. Bringing your pet to treatment helps maintain a feeling of normalcy during treatment. In addition, caring for an animal becomes part of a healthy routine.