life at 12 south recovery



Successful treatment programs will treat you as a whole person, not just a disease or set of symptoms.  At 12 South Recovery, we take a mind-body-spirit approach to treatment, helping you become the person you’ve always wanted to be and live the life that you have always dreamed of.  We have a lot of proven therapy options, providing you with a choice of resources that will be right for you.


Some of the unique experiences you can expect are:




Our treatment program is based on helping you to understand why it is that you became an addict in the first place.  What is the pain that you’ve suffered that needs to be dealt with and moved past?  In order to find and overcome this root cause of your addiction, we provide each client with a personal therapist, who will meet with you weekly and oversee every aspect of your addiction or mental health treatment.  As trust is built, you will work with your therapist to identify the types of support you need, both in treatment and beyond.  Together, you will lay the foundation of your recovery process.




Many treatment centers have ideas about what might help addicts to recover.  At 12 South Recovery, we only offer therapies that have a track record of success.  We are constantly on the lookout for new, proven ways of treating addiction.  This is not a cookie-cutter program that has the same old rotating schedule.  We offer what has been proven to work with others worldwide.




In the past, people have argued that an addict needs to “hit bottom” in order to change.  This isn’t always necessarily true.  We employ a treatment model called “The Stages of Change”.  It was developed in the 1990s by some of the nation’s leading researchers.  This model has helped us to understand how change occurs and to meet people at their level of willingness to change.  Combined with highly individualized therapy and holistic, evidence-based treatments offered specifically to meet your needs and preferences, we’ve found a lasting effect for your sobriety.




Life coaching is offered at 12 South Recovery to help our guests focus on their future and create a roadmap to success.  Life coaching focuses on goal setting and gives extra accountability.  Therapy focuses on the past; counseling focuses on the present, while coaching focuses on the future.  By offering all of these services 12 South Recovery ensures that every aspect of your life is addressed.




On our 12 South Recovery campus we have a work stations available for our guests.  These stations give our guests access to a computer, printer and internet to help with job applications, resumes and continued education.  Our staff ensures that our guests know how to build a resume as well as teaching interview techniques and assisting with finding employment.  Our staff can also aid with enrolling in school or obtaining a GED.




Case management sessions are done weekly.  During a case management session our guests discuss current obstacles in their life and in their recovery.  This is also the time that any legal issues get addressed.  Our staff is well trained with handling the court systems and will stay in contact with your lawyer or representative to ensure that all of your legal issues are addressed.  Case Management also helps our guests stay focused on their personal recovery.  Our counselors have many years of experience in the treatment field and are also in recovery themselves.  Our counselors can relate to what you are going through and provide you with direction so that you can achieve all of your goals.




12 South Recovery enjoys engaging their guests in an outdoor setting.  Our Adventure Therapy program allows our guests to process what is currently going on in their life in combination with an outdoor setting and activity.  Our guests may enjoy kayaking on the ocean to work on mindfulness or rock climbing to work on perseverance.  This experiential type of therapy has been proven to give our guests a healthy way to process any obstacles that they might come across in their recovery. 




Every weekend at 12 South Recovery, our guests are treated to an activity to combat one of the biggest reasons for relapse, boredom.  Some of the activities our guests have experienced are paddle boarding, Knott’s Berry Farm, Escape Rooms, Angels games, Ducks games, Laser Tag, K1 Racing, Dave and Busters, and so much more.  Having the opportunity to participate in these activities has proven to help with boredom, fellowship, new hobbies and increased overall happiness. 




Southern California offers so many exciting things to do.  From the Pacific Ocean, to amusement parks, amazing shopping and cuisine, sporting events, 12 step conferences and a limitless amount of 12 step meetings, Southern California has everything you could possibly need.  Our year round perfect weather is an outdoor enthusiasts dream.  There is always something to do and plenty of amazing people to meet.  There is a reason why so many of our guests have chosen to make Southern California their permanent home.