Joshua Stickel

Chief Executive Officer/Owner


Growing up in South Orange County, Joshua was a victim of bullying which killed his self-esteem and confidence.  The lack of self-esteem caused Joshua to find other outlets to numb his emotional pain.  This lead to his addiction to opiates.  After many years of active addiction, Joshua found the gift of desperation and received help at a treatment facility.  It wasn’t until his 5th time in treatment that lasting sobriety was found.  

Since entering recovery, Josh found his passion was helping others.  This passion was established by working through the 12 Steps and sponsoring other men in recovery.  His love of working with others lead to the creation of 12 South Recovery.  12 South Recovery is a treatment center that remains ethical in all that they do and always puts its guests first.  He believes that it is crucial to take care of his employees to ensure that they take the best care possible of your guests.    

Joshua is a certified Life Coach, specializing in Stress Management and Time Management.  Joshua’s other passions include baseball, football, golf, and fantasy football.   Joshua is married to the love of his life Courtney and they have a beautiful daughter named Bella. 

You may contact Joshua directly at