how to choose a rehab

What Questions Should I Ask When Looking into Treatment Programs?

It has been said that people spend more time choosing their next car than they do when choosing an addiction treatment program.  Some people select a treatment program solely from looking at a website or seeing a television commercial.  This occurs in large part because most people don’t know what questions to ask.  But choosing an addiction treatment program is a big deal.  This is the program that is going to be the foundation for the rest of your life.  This is the program that, if well researched and chosen, will save your life.  Don’t pick at random.  Invest in yourself and the quality of life you want for the next thirty, forty or fifty plus years.

Rehab Costs: Why is Quality Addiction Treatment so Expensive?

Quality drug treatment can be expensive.  The determining factor tends to be the location including the size and quality of detox and residential housing.  The fact of the matter is that you can receive high quality treatment without draining your savings account and racking up a huge ton of debt.  A location that is right on the beach is going to charge you more than a location 30 minutes from the beach.  12 South is located in beautiful Lake Forest and is surrounded by local attractions.  Without lowering the quality of care, 12 South Recovery has been able to be one of the most affordable options for continued care treatment.


Undoubtedly, cost is a consideration when choosing a treatment center.  So when you are choosing, consider the future costs of drugs not purchased, nights spent sleeping instead of worrying about your loved one, cars not crashed, emergency room visits that will not be necessary, legal problems avoided and the potential to spend decades with someone you love.  That’s the real cost consideration when thinking about addiction treatment.

What Does the Drug Rehab Process Look Like at 12 South Recovery?

From the moment you call 12 South Recovery, you will be welcomed as part of our family.  In an intake phone call, we’ll discuss with you the nature of your or your loved one’s addiction problem.  We’ll help you make decisions to quickly get you or the one you love into treatment.  Your suffering is finally over. The time for a new life is now.  Once at 12 South Recovery, you will experience an environment of care and support.


After you have been successfully separated from your drug(s) of choice, you will integrate into our treatment program at 12 South Recovery.  This will be created just for you by your personal therapist and counselor.  You will work with your therapist and counselor to uncover and work through the root cause(s) of your addiction and gain life skills so that you won’t need to use again.


When you are ready to leave treatment, to step down to a lower level of care and resume a drug-free life outside of treatment, we will work with you to create a complete aftercare program.  This will incorporate all the treatments that helped you recover in the treatment center and which need to be continued outside the treatment center environment.  Remember, recovery doesn’t “end” when you leave treatment.  This is a lifestyle change that will be utilized and part of the rest of your life.  We are with you until you no longer need us and are able to maintain your recovery on your own.