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Orange county alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism is not the occasional misuse of wine, liquor, or beer.  Sometimes people overindulge.  But if your drinking is creating consequences greater than a once-a-year New Year’s Day headache, it’s time to get help.  If family, friends or coworkers are suggesting that you might have a problem, you probably do.

Over 38 million U.S. adults struggle with occasional binge-drinking, but if you’re one of the more than 15 million struggling with an addiction, it’s more than occasionally having a few too many.

Alcohol-use-disorder is a cognitive disease, affecting behavior, personality, and priorities. Individuals with an alcohol use disorder can’t just quit without help because they have to treat the deep underlying problems causing relapse and reliance, yet only 6.7% of alcohol addicts ever go on to seek treatment.

At 12 South Recovery, our focus on evidence-based therapy and treatment, medical support, and compassionate care gives each of our patients the tools they need to battle their unique problems and recover on their own terms. We offer support through every step of the addiction-recovery process, from detox to therapy, to long-term support and aftercare, so you or your loved one can move on and to a better life.

At 12 South Recovery, we’re here to help with alcohol rehab in Orange County, California.

15 million U.S. adults struggle with addiction but only 6.7% ever seek treatment.

Get the help you need at our beautiful Orange County alcohol rehab facility with the aid of our compassionate, trained staff. 

Benefit from qualitative, evidence-based treatment including medication, behavioral therapy, and clinical staff 

With inpatient and outpatient rehab, 12 South Recovery tailors your recovery to your personal needs 

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alcohol Rehab at 12 South Recovery

Millions of Americans struggle with alcohol use disorder. At 12 South Recovery, our Orange County alcohol rehab is here to offer you the full support and care you need to recover. We offer detox support, in-depth alcohol treatment with a range of evidence-based therapies and complementary therapies, and long-term care to ensure every patient has recovered. Our focus on custom care means every patient receives a treatment schedule tailored to their unique personality, problems, and, when present, cooccurring disorders. Everyone is unique, and treatment should be tailored to match the patient.

Each of our programs is designed to offer a level of care to meet the patient’s addiction. Whether attending rehab at our inpatient center or through outpatient care, we work with every patient to move them through the complex psychological and behavioral problems linked with addiction. Our licensed medical staff and therapists work to ensure every patient’s safety as well as the efficacy of the treatment throughout.

We offer several types of treatmenT

Residential Treatment

Our residential alcohol treatment center allows us to offer full-time care for individuals who need monitoring, extensive contact with therapists, and a peaceful and supportive environment. Here, patients live full-time at our beautiful Orange County rehab facility, receiving intensive treatment for the duration of their stay. During the day, patients attend a schedule of treatment, therapy, and counseling, socialize with peers, and focus on recovery. This more intensive form of care enables us to offer a more tailored approach to treatment, with support for individual problems, cooccurring disorders, and other specific needs.

Partial Hospitalization /Intensive Outpatient

It's a form of treatment where you primarily live in your own residence and spend days at work, school, or with family. However, you attend daily meetings at our Orange County alcohol rehab center, receiving therapy, medical monitoring, counseling, and treatment before going home. This treatment option is ideal for individuals who need a higher level of care than outpatient but who cannot or do not want to commit to full residential care. It’s often recommended to individuals who have relapsed before, those who are stepping down from a more intensive program, and for individuals who need more care but who must mitigate the cost of that care.


Our outpatient alcohol rehab in Orange County is ideal for individuals who need treatment but who cannot stop going to work, taking care of family, or otherwise investing time into their life. Outpatient treatment is ideal for those with a lighter substance abuse problem, those who are already living in Orange County, and those who need treatment but don’t require intensive care. 

 Which type of treatment is your best option?  

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What Can I Expect from Alcohol Treatment at 12 South Recovery?

At 12 South Recovery, we work to offer a comfortable alcohol rehab program tailored to your individual needs. In most cases, the process will follow the upcoming treatment outline, with exact treatment updated to meet individual needs, problems, and treatment choices.



The first step of alcohol treatment is intake. Here, we discuss your needs, your history, and your medical needs. This assessment follows up on our initial 20-minute pre-screening, which we conduct by phone, and gives our therapists and medical professionals a better idea of who each individual patient is, what they need, and how we can help.



Many of the patients at 12 South Recovery need detox when entering our program. We partner with a network of detox centers in Orange County to ensure that each of our patients receives quality medical care and support throughout this process. Alcohol detox typically lasts for about 4-8 days and can be dangerous without monitoring and support.



Our alcohol treatment solutions include a full range of evidence-based therapies including education, counseling, therapy, and medical support.

We are fully licensed to offer:

Behavioral therapy

Treatments like CBT, DBT, EMDR, SCHEMA, and complementary therapies such as art and musical therapy, are used to help patients recognize and move past problems contributing to substance addiction. This can include behavioral and emotional problems, as well as stress management, learned behavior, and much more.

Counseling and Group Counseling

We offer group and one-on-one counseling to help patients share and discuss their problems to move past them, both as individuals and with their peers.

Maintenance and Aftercare 

Stress Management and Anger Management

Stress is a major contributing factor to both substance abuse and relapse, which is why we offer a range of stress management and treatment tools and classes.

Life Skills

Many addicts struggle with moving back into their lives after treatment. 12 South Recovery offers a range of life skills classes to make this transition easier.

medical support

Many people require ongoing treatment to manage the symptoms of alcohol addiction. In some cases, we will offer medical support as part of treatment.

The treatment provided at 12 South Recovery is designed as a holistic approach to tackle the mental, physical, psychological, and behavioral problems underlying addiction. We understand that addiction is more than just physical dependence and we are here to work with everyone in our care, creating custom programs to help each patient identify and solve problems so they can move on.

Getting Help for an Alcohol Use Disorder 

If you or a loved one is struggling with an alcohol use disorder, we are here to help. We specialize in offering comprehensive addiction treatment, helping each of our patients through every step of the addiction recovery process. We focus on individual care, evidence-based treatment, and long-term results with behavioral therapy, counseling, and stress management.

Recovering from an alcohol addiction is more than just detox, it’s a long uphill battle that requires treating mental, psychological, and emotional problems. Our team of compassionate medical and therapy professionals is here to help. Everyone deserves the chance to recover and to live addiction free.

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